Cadillac CT6 Experience: The Oscars

A golden experience.

Cadillac sure knows how to make a bold statement, and the Oscars weekend was the perfect time to do so. The CT6 was nothing short of luxurious & I was honored to get a sneak peak of the vehicle and all of its new features.

The weekend started off with a cocktail hour where I was able to connect with old and new friends. Its always excited seeing familiar faces and getting inspired learning about new friends stories. When I got back to my room, I was surprised to find some of my images printed onto glass. Seeing my work printed meant a lot to me. I was definitely excited to take memorable photos of the upcoming weekend festivities.

The London hotel might have to be one of my favorite hotels in LA. Not only for the beautiful decor, but the hospitality too! Breakfast at Boxwood is always a great way to start the mornings. We first learned about the CT6 and how it sets apart from other brands. Personally, my favorite feature was the digital rear view mirror – I have never seen anything like it before!  We then drove to iconic locations around LA – I must say, the spots were so awesome. LA sure does have a lot of gorgeous locations to shoot! During this time, I was able to hang out with my girl Swopes and learn about Christopher Gray. This guy is LEGIT. He grew up struggling but determined to make it to a great college. Not only did he spend countless hours applying to scholarships and receiving ONE MILLION dollars in tuition, but he Dared Greatly and created an app called Scholly, that made it easier for students to get access to these scholarships. After about a year having the mobile app active, Scholly provided over 100 million dollars in scholarships for students. INCREDIBLE. We caught up with a few others for lunch and shared deep conversations. Shout out to Marcus Troy for that awesome story about his Goros necklace piece! Loved it!

Heres a link to learn more about Chris and his efforts for affordable education. 

After a beautiful afternoon spent with beautiful people, the glam squad was ready to make up look fabulous for the Cadillac Oscar’s party ate the Chateau Marmont. The party was filled with so many inspiring people and I felt blessed being able to experience the event. Once back at the hotel, I heard a commotion coming from the balcony. Glad to see it was my awesome new friends having THE BEST TIME EVER, so I decided to make my way down to their room, PJ’S and all. During this time – the gorgeous Tina Craig shared her story about being one of the first bloggers out, before twitter and Facebook even existed. Amazing!

The following morning we had an exclusive tour of the Jimmy Kimmel studios. I was having an absolute blast. The studio set was filled with hilarious images from Jimmy and his guests. One day, Ill be on the show. ONE DAY JIMMY! Haha! After, we had a private tour of the Oscars red carpet. Seeing the set up and efforts the crew put in order to make this show possible was unbelievable. So much work goes into even the slightest of details. It was an amazing thing to see.

One of my favorite moments of the trip was having lunch curated by Iron Chef Cat Cora. GUYS, I grew up watching the food network/ the Iron Chef and Cat was the first female to represent for the ladies. Meeting her and being able to taste her cooking was a moment I’ll never forget.

We ended the night at the 2nd Annual Toast to the Arts dinner hosted by Common with celebrity guests such as Halle Berry (believe the hype), Kelly Rowland, Ice Cube, the Straight out of Compton cast and a few others. Yup! It was awesome. Common even broke down into a freestyle. Epic. Epic. EPIC.

The weekend was filled with great people, luxurious Cadillac cars, incredible food and memorable experiences I wont ever forget.

Inspiration starts with you – how do you #DareGreatly ? – tweet @Cadillac and let us know!

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