Beautiful Destinations: The Augustine, Luxury Collection – Prague

I’ve been to so many beautiful cities this year and Prague is definitely one of them. About 9.5 hours away from NYC, the Augustine felt like my second home.

This gorgeous luxury collection hotel was impressive in more ways than one. From incredible decor, to their spa, restaurant and 24 hour room service, everything was perfection. Upon arrival, dinner at the hotel was served, where I had a chance to connect with old and new friends over a delicious meal. After many laughs, a few of us spent the rest of the night exploring the city.

Shout out to the chef who prepared a meal at 5 AM! I really try to sleep as least as possible when traveling but this time, the bed’s were too irresistible to leave. Breakfast was always the main motivation to get up. Time went by fast while exploring the city taking endless photos and indulging in traditional food.

My favorites had to be the warm red wine w spices, Goulash (beef stew served in a bread bowl), with a Chimney for dessert (pastry filled with Nutella, fresh strawberries and cream). Yup! After a few days of exploring (and eating), I ended the trip with an unforgettable massage.

The Augustine will forever remain special within my memories.

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